September 15, 2023

How to Tease Women While Having Sex with Her

Having sex is enjoyable, but seeing a woman moaning, losing all her mind, and begging to please her wildly is just beyond imagination. If you want that, you must know the art of teasing your sexual partner. Bangalore Escorts can provide you with some professional women who are not only good in bed but also obey all your commands and give you the ultimate pleasure. Let’s picture a scenario if you do not know how to please a girl.

Assume that you are kissing a girl, and slowly, you are putting her on your bed. Grab her hand and tie it, and also blindfold her. Now, kiss all over her body. Put your tongue on her pussy and start to lick it; when she starts moaning, then leave it. This will make her impatient, and she will beg you to fuck her hard. It’s thrilling, right? Bangalore Escort Service can help you to fulfill this scenario.

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Tips To Tease Women While Having Sex

Use your tongue

The two methods that weaken most women in the knees are licking their ears and nape. Become an expert at using this. When she is in the kitchen, changing bedding, or making the bed, use these techniques if she isn’t in the mood for a steamy session. You’ll be shocked at how quickly she might pounce on you and start acting.

Add sex toys

Sex toys are the pinnacle of teasing if you’re both games to try. Using a remote-controlled vibrator in the bathroom, from across the room, or even covertly when you’re out in public. The possibilities for using a vibrator with your lover are endless. Before you ever touch them, getting them interested by playing with a toy can be enjoyable and seductive.

Tease Women While Having Sex in Bangalore

Stimulate the erogenous zone

Women’s inner thighs, neck, collarbone, back of the neck, and ears are all susceptible areas. You have a tone of information to deal with as a result. Put some nails in these places and challenge yourself. Once your girlfriend can no longer take it, tease, touch, and kiss her in these places. Doing this is a fantastic way to get her up in the morning. She won’t stop thinking about you when you sneak off for work.

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Only kiss her

Tell her how horny and wild she makes you feel. When she is the reason you are turned on, tell her about it. Women love to hear men talk about what makes them feel sexy. She’ll undoubtedly want to step up the game further and intensify your sex. If she knows what makes you feel hot in bed, she will attempt it again with you. If you have the power to stop her, she will become even more seduced by you.

If you want your sexual partner to go crazy and ride on you, you must know how to tease her. If you want your sexual imagination to turn into reality, then Bangalore Call Girls can help you.

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