November 30, 2023

Want to Tease the Belly Button of Your Partner? Start with a Gentle Massage!

Hello guys! Are you looking forward to excite your partner with some exclusive moves in bed? If yes, then why not go with teasing the belly button? No, it is not at all about piercing! It is all about starting with a gentle massage and licking the area around Chennai call girls.

Heating things is inclusive of some highly exclusive moves in the form of sexy stances. Are you in a fix to choose between an olive oil and cream for a delightful massage? Here it is…..

Which One is Better? Olive Oil or Cream

Do you know that the belly button is a highly erogenous zone of a human? The moment you stick your finger inside, a signal will be sent to the spinal cord from the abdominal cavity. To excite your partner and make the most out of the Chennai escort services, better apply some olive oil.

Once you pour a few drops of oil inside the navel, start with a gentle massage with the tips of your fingers. The multiplied blood circulation rate will permit easy energizing of nerves. Why hire a masseur unnecessarily and leave the chance of proving a macho?

Applying variable stages of pressure all around will take the level of joy to further heights.

Why Refrain from Caressing the Vagina of Your Partner?

One more appreciable way to please your dream escort girl is by licking and caressing her navel. To provide highly erotic entertainment, both these actions must be carried out altogether one after the other.

You need to draw a line from the belly towards her vagina. You may either utilize your fingers or tongue. For a highly enjoyable session, it is good to make use of her tongue for a memorable time.

To provide a highly tingling sensation in the body and mind of your escort, it is good to blow the line gently. To overload the stimulation, better make alternate use of hot and cold air.

To provide the highest rate of excitement to Bangalore call girls, you may make the way down to her body similar to oral sex. Kissing followed by touching the belly will provide a further exciting play. Until your partner refuses to tolerate, the playful session needs to be continued.

Will it be a Good Idea to Circle the Surroundings of Navel?

Another exclusive way to please your dream partner is by circling the surroundings of your belly button. For further excitement, make use of your tongue and lick lightly. To multiply the joy, making use of exclusively designed sex toys will be great.

Considering the belly button of a bull’s eye, you can circle the area around with the help of circles belonging to various sizes. Rubbing her abs followed by pressing your thumb towards the inner side of the belly button with slight pressure will excite.

In All!

Teasing the navel of your partner in the form of a gentle massage with two fingers will be a funny experience. Cumming followed by stimulating the G-spot will let in making the most out of Chennai escorts services.

Join hands with Bangalore VIP Escort will let you get in contact with great-looking hot girls.

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