November 7, 2023

What are the Right Poses to Make the Erotic Shower Play Enjoyable?

Till date, you must have come across erotic shower play scenes in movies. What if you get the opportunity to perform the same in real life? With the right erotic poses, it will become easy to make the most out of the playful session with your Bangalore escort.

In addition to the girlfriend experience, you will be enjoying something more. Want to peep into the glory of shower erotic play? Here it is…….

What does the Treasure of Shower Sex Play Include?

Every time, kissing and smooching your partner in bed may seem to be a bit monotonous. Even, there are higher chances that the girl you hired may also fail to come across the highest level of satisfaction.

It is for sure that every man dreams of making the erotic session highly memorable and enjoyable. Why should you lag? The time has come to steam up things slowly and naturally out of the bedroom.

With the right products and tidbits under the shower, you can easily satisfy one of your dream Bangalore call girls to the highest level. Here, you will be the master of your female partner.

To start, you must shun away your ego and make your partner stand in the direction of the showerhead.

How to Arouse the Erotic Pleasure in the Mind of Your Partner?

After you make your partner stand in the direction of the showerhead, better go with applying a shower-friendly lube. You will come across a wide range of varieties of lubes in the market.

For an unforgettable experience, better go with silicone-based lube. As it will let in reducing the friction level, you can easily penetrate the vagina of your Chennai Escort Service. At the time of performing, do not forget to include a high-quality slip-resistant mat.

With grips at the bottom, these mats can prevent early slipping and accidents. You can slowly infer the arousal of sex in the body, making you sudsy. Do not worry as these mats can be cleaned and reused.

Is it Mandatory to Use Bath Toys?

Yes, provided you know about the spots in the body of your dream girl that arouse sexual feelings. At the time of purchasing bath toys, better make sure that they are waterproof. Otherwise, the entire session may become vague.

Though the list of sex toys to be used is an unending one, some of the most effective ones include the following:

  • Butt plug
  • Loofahs with vibrators
  • Waterproof dildo

For an effective outcome, it is advisable to rinse these toys properly. It will free the toy from any type of residue. Following the doggy style of sex will help in providing the highest enjoyment rate.

In All!

From above it is clear that making the most out of shower erotic pleasure is not as difficult as you presume. Instead of relying on ordinary girls, better to join hands with high-profile Bangalore call girls for a romantic experience.

Signing up at Bangalore VIP Escort will help you achieve your erotic goal to the fullest. The next morning, you will desire to have one more session.

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